15 May 2018
May 15, 2018

Cocoa Cookhouse

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I am a chocolate fanatic living in the countryside in Wexford. Ever since I was little I can remember having an ache in my sweet tooth for the smooth, creamy taste of a chocolate bar. I loved it in all forms and would get excited if I saw a new bar appearing in the local shop. As a child we were given pocket money after school and mine would always go on chocolate. 

My fascination with chocolate has lasted the test of time and almost the first place I look for in each city I visit is a local chocolate shop. I began learning to make chocolate a few years ago with a French Master Chocolatier. I was well and truly hooked once I discovered all the chocolately goodness, variety, science and mess that making chocolate entailed. When an opportunity came up to make chocolate right from the cocoa bean in Colombia, I jumped at the chance. In Medellin I learned all the stages in craft chocolate making, from selecting and roasting the beans to making liquor to moulding them into delicious craft chocolate bars, each with it’s own unique and complex flavour. It was truly magical.

Today there are hundreds of craft chocolate makers around the world making chocolate direct from the bean. These wonderful people are supporting small farmers, promoting a sustainable and environmentally friendly mindset and creating a whole new world of chocolate delights. As one of this new wave of chocolate makers I, like them, want to create a chocolate revolution where the fine craft of chocolate making is promoted, understood and appreciated. Chocolate can be like a fine wine with subtle variations in flavour depending on its terroir and harvesting process. In it’s natural, pure state you can sense a myriad of flavours from citrus to nuts, liquorice to dried fruits. I hope to help show you that chocolate is, what the Mayans always believed it to be, the food of the Gods.